Reiki Healing

A gentle-touch Japanese energy healing method through which a “universal energy” is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient to promote relaxation; reduce stress; relieve pain & tension; stimulate the immune system, to encourage emotional or physical healing. With Naomi or Salayeh. 60-120 mins $120-$222.

Energy Healing with Nathalie

An intuitive scan of your body and help to connect with the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are being held in relation to your area of concern. Working with universal energy, these are then released and replaced with empowering beliefs, thereby allowing a new understanding to occur within your subconscious mind.

This session is for those of you who are looking to experience freedom, healing and shifts within an area of their life that is holding you back, keeping you stuck and afraid to move forward. This is a powerful opportunity to revolutionise how you see, know and believe in yourself. With Nathalie. 60 mins. $180.

The “Pick-Me-Up”

30 minutes to totally rejuvenate YOU when time is limited and you’re stuck in feeling overwhelmed, forever on the hamster wheel of ho-hum and just “blah!” This session will help you unblock stagnant energy & emotions and give you more clarity, calm and lightness. Every busy person’s best medicine! With Kerry. 30 mins. $111.

Quantum Healing by Kerry

Brings awareness to what is occurring within your body in ‘real-time’ and how it is affecting your healing journey. Our session together will Include a full analysis showing what is occurring with Vitals, Organs, Blood, Food Sensitivity, Chakra, Meridian, Toxicities, Parasites, Moulds & a personalised Harmonic Mediation with a take home prescription. With Kerry. 45 mins. $149.

Inner Sanctum

An ultimate healing experience to bring yourself to a place of calm, balance and peace. Various modalities accessed. Kundalini Reiki, Chakra & Meridian Balancing, Psychic Surgery, Fascial Release, Personalised Binaural Meditation, Akashic Access, Quantum Frequency and Sound Healing. With Kerry. 90 mins. $222.