Energy Healing

Begins with an intuitive scan of your body and help to connect with the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are being held in relation to your area of concern. Working with universal energy, these are then released and replaced with empowering beliefs, thereby allowing a new understanding to occur within your subconscious mind.

This session is for people looking to experience freedom, healing and shifts within an area of their life that is holding you back, keeping you stuck and afraid to move forward. This is a powerful opportunity to revolutionise how you see, know and believe in yourself.

This container can help you to let go of feeling powerless in your own life and reclaim the gifts, confidence and power within you, release limiting beliefs and feelings such as I am unlovable, I am not good enough etc) and bring love into any space within you that has felt unfulfilled and longing for more. With Nathalie. 60 mins. $180.

4-week Healing Package

A powerful opportunity to address long-standing issues and complex experiences. We’ll go deeper into clearing limiting beliefs, bringing conscious awareness to the impact these have had and empower you to move forward with confidence. This package will bring greater clarity, release self-sabotaging patterns, and allow you to feel a deeper sense of self-worth thereby allowing you to create profound shifts in different areas of your life. With Nathalie. 4 x 60 mins. $720 $648. Save 10%