Healing Wisdom

“Healing is not the absence of the storm.
Healing is the way we ride the wave.”


Drawing on the decades of healing experience, research & training within our collective, we share healing wisdom (on social media; via email; at our open days; and in the articles below) to help you find everything you need for your healing journey. Please follow us on Facebook & Instagram and/or subscribe below to be notified of special offers, as well as new articles, therapies, and workshops. Please share with the people you care about so they may also find any help they need or perhaps better understand the journey you are on.


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The Basics

What are the Basics? Do you feel fully vibrant and healthy? Are you dealing with a symptom or a number…

Judging ourselves and others

Being Judgemental About Ourselves and Others In our daily lives we regularly judge ourselves and others very harshly. We will…

Benefits of Cocoon Therapy

No one on this planet is free from toxins. Our bodies have become dumping grounds for toxic compounds that invade…