Spinal Flow® Technique

Spinal Flow Technique is an incredibly fast & effective way to help you heal and feel amazing in your body again.

It is a gentle & holistic approach that is used to heal many diseases, illnesses and pain. It is a blend of the cutting-edge science and healing arts.

The reason why it is so incredibly effective is that emotional, chemical and physical tension is located in the nervous system and this technique allows the blockages to be released and healed.

Spinal Flow Technique is a very specific & replicable technique based on the 7 gateways of the spine and 33 access points which facilitate healing via the nervous system.

It has helped thousands of clients recover from chronic headaches, back pain, disc injuries, low energy, infertility, digestive complaints, stress, and depression.

Spinal Flow Technique finds, identifies and releases layers of physical, chemical and emotional tension, affecting ease in the body.

It also uncovers stored trauma that’s been in the body for a long time, causing blockages, disease, and illness. This hidden trauma resides in the spine or nervous system; finding it allows the person to feel and discard it so that doesn’t continue to block them in life.

Spinal Flow Technique facilitates a rewiring of the brain, and your body relearns what it already knew, to begin with: how to self-heal.

As a result of working through Spinal Flow Technique, people experience a Spinal Flow healing wave where every cell of the body feels connected & free!

Initial Assessment & Healing: 60 mins. $133.
Return Visits: 30/45/60 mins. $65/$80/$110.
Combination 45-min return visit & 20-min Cocoon relaxation: $100.

With Rebecca.

“Rebecca has an amazing ability to heal and alleviate pain in the body with her touch and words. She is encouraging and kind and I cannot wait to get more sessions from her.” – Khyla