6-Week Couples Program
Co-Creation into Sacred Union
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Incorporating intimacy/Taoist foundations and practices, spiritual and Erotic Blueprint bodywork, couples Somatic experiential work for deepening communication, intimacy, safety and love:

We have awareness of our thoughts and perception. These thoughts are based on our experiences. Our thoughts dictate the level of reality we choose to feed into. The journey in Tantra is to quiet the mind so that we can connect and hear our souls voice of self-compassion and love.

“I approached Salayeh as I was specifically looking for a therapist who was open minded and non judgemental of what I was experiencing in my life. Salayeh was able to hold space for my partner and I to address what we needed to address and to start communicating our needs better to each other. She was authentic and approachable and I felt that I could say anything and not feel uncomfortable with it. I am confident in recommending her as a therapist to support you on your journey” – Kristen

“To know ourselves deeply”
Healing both the masculine and feminine energies. Working with Yoni egg, Tantric and Taoist practices, we open space for vulnerability. We begin to experience intimacy on the highest level, where we can attract embodied relationships. Creating a safe space, free of fear and shame to understand each other’s personal Erotic styles, desires, fantasies. Working powerfully on communication and listening to your bodies.

‘Personal Freedom is achieved when we can create in the present moment’
When we take responsibility for our life, addictions, trauma, Sexuality, intimacy and remove the masks we have accumulated; when we are in relationship with our unconscious and conscious mind, we have the ability to know that life is more than we can see, hear, touch, smell and taste. Self-actualisation to reach Enlightenment through meditation. Meditation means different things for each person.

With Registered Counsellor Salayeh

3 payments of $299 per couple (weekly from date of purchase)
or 1 payment of $880 per couple

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“Salayeh has such a magnetic and inviting energy that I shared so much with her even in our first session. She shared her wisdom and expertise with me unlocking truths and giving me several lightbulb moments in our session together. Valuable sessions!” – Jocelyn

“It was one of the best experiences i have ever had, Selayeh was super helpful, extremely knowledgeable and made me feel at ease at all times. Absolutely recommend.” – Arvis

“A wonderful lady and totally understanding of the issues I faced. I felt safe whilst talking to her and extremely lucky to have met her” – Steve