Counselling with Salayeh

Feeling stuck, anxious, apprehensive, uncertain or hopeless? Unmotivated, distracted, disengaged, disconnected or worried? Experienced depression, OCD, panic attacks, substance abuse or self-harm? We can help you accept what is; alleviate avoiding, denying & struggling with difficult emotions & choices made. When we adapt flexibility & compassion, reflect on our values; we are able to take action to change, find our purpose and create what matters to us without feelings of shame & guilt. Individuals or Couples. With Registered Counsellor Salayeh. 60-90 mins $120-$180 or book a free 15-minute phone enquiry. Salayeh also offers a Tantra program.

Counselling with Alison

Alison’s Integrated Counselling brings together various theories and approaches, that enable a safe exploration and journey towards wholeness. The sessions are tailored to the individual and work to bring clarity, and integration restoring energy and peace. The sessions support the client to access their own unique pathway for healing and learn practical ways to implement change to re-experience life without the charge of old fears and worries. With Registered Counsellor Alison. 60-90 mins $150-$170 or book a free 15-minute phone enquiry.

Note: Our registered counsellors will make additional times available to see you if the appointment times on our booking page are unsuitable or not soon enough. Please click here or see the bottom of this page for contact details.