Inner-Outer Child Healing Mastermind

When we heal the inner child, we allow the adult in us to take the lead

Your inner child is that innocent, intuitive, fun-filled, little soul that just wants to create, play, and use their imagination. They are that part of us that reminds us to have fun, not take things so seriously, lighten up a little, & relax. Yet somewhere along the way, we become so serious as adults due to many factors that make us feel hurt, unheard, left out, scared, abandoned, shamed, and lonely. We become sad, angry, overwhelmed, and disillusioned, afraid that we will never receive the life, the love, and the things we want unless we have them NOW!

This causes the Outer-Child to act impulsively, for example, maxing out credit cards, feeling the need to buy into everything, and be everywhere. We may act out unhealthy sexual scenarios or accept unhealthy relationships. We may experience emotional and mental health issues, a lack of confidence, eating disorders, and low self-esteem. We may experience feelings of rejection, shame, distrust, and abandonment wounds.

Inner child work helps the unconscious become conscious.

“A wonderful lady and totally understanding of the issues I faced. I felt safe whilst talking to her and extremely lucky to have met her” – Steve

“It was one of the best experiences i have ever had, Selayeh was super helpful, extremely knowledgeable and made me feel at ease at all times. Absolutely recommend.” – Arvis

“Salayeh has such a magnetic and inviting energy that I shared so much with her even in our first session. She shared her wisdom and expertise with me unlocking truths and giving me several lightbulb moments in our session together. Valuable sessions!” – Jocelyn

With Registered Counsellor Salayeh

4 x 60 mins. $200 per week for 4 weeks.

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