Holistic Coaching with Dawn

Guidance & support from a health coach with personal experience beating her own life-threatening chronic condition and now helping others do the same. With Dawn. 60 mins $99.

Or save $100 with a 6-session package. $594 $494.

Intuitive Women’s Coaching

Are you living the life you want to live, or are you fulfilling someone else’s dream? Do you want to take that next step to create the life you desire, though not sure where to start? Are you doubting yourself in any area of your life or worry about what others think? Self-doubt stops a lot of us women from having the confidence to move forward in our lives. You don’t have to live this way. Stop asking others for their input, which can add confusion, anxiety and unrest within. Come along on a journey with me and let me support you to create the life you deserve. With Michelle. 60 mins. $150.

Or save $100 with a 6-week package, including 6 x Intuitive Coaching sessions plus one AromaTouch session. $980 $880.

Holistic Coaching with Alison

Highly intuitive one-on-one coaching sessions, incorporating traditional methods of holistic coaching, whilst embracing the energetic bodies’ knowledge & guidance to facilitate a co-creative sacred space to address the clarity & direction you are seeking. Incorporating one’s higher knowledge / inner truth / wisdom supports a deep experience, which supports a deeper level of understanding, growth & healing. You can expect insight & good outcomes from the first session. With Alison. 50 mins $120 | 3 sessions $320.