Know Your Unique Genius Blueprint
This will change your life!

There are unique keys, gifts, numbers, signs, codes assigned to you when you are born, this is the reason you are here to learn about your Unique Genius Blueprint, Trust it, Own it, Be it.

Are you up for the challenge, are you courageous enough, resilient enough to overcome life’s difficulties, self-doubt, ego, shadows, quick fixes, addictions, in order to really understand the power within you?

There is only one you.. you are so unique and only you can bring forward what is within you. This Blueprint will blow you away; give you the confidence of owning & embodying your greatness; and set you free, in your Money Journey, Intimacy, Your Genius, Your Relationships, Your Legacy.

“Salayeh has such a magnetic and inviting energy that I shared so much with her even in our first session. She shared her wisdom and expertise with me unlocking truths and giving me several lightbulb moments in our session together. Valuable sessions!” – Jocelyn

“It was one of the best experiences i have ever had, Selayeh was super helpful, extremely knowledgeable and made me feel at ease at all times. Absolutely recommend.” – Arvis

“A wonderful lady and totally understanding of the issues I faced. I felt safe whilst talking to her and extremely lucky to have met her” – Steve

Be 10,000 steps ahead of everyone else, from the get go…

Half face-to-face consultation & half collating information. Receive a hardcopy of your Blueprint and some Next Level coaching by Salayeh on how to make powerful changes in your life.

With Registered Counsellor Salayeh.

12 hrs. $800 over 4 weeks ($200 per week from date of purchase).

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